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5 reasons you need tapestries for your room!

Tapestries have turned into a very popular alternative to typical room and office art, and it’s easy to see why. Tapestries are a beautiful, cost effective way to spruce up the atmosphere of your home, room, office, etc. A well-chosen tapestry will not only fill any space with warm color, but it can also be a statement and conversational point of focus too. Making tapestries the ideal form of art for any space! In today's blog I will be discussing 5 reasons why you need tapestries for your room! 


  1. Tapestries come in many different shapes, sizes, and styles. This ensures that you will find something you like. When you finally come across a tapestry which speaks to you, choose a room to personalize with your brand new art! Place the tapestry anywhere in your room to create a personal ambience of your choice. Having personalized artwork in your room is a great way to express yourself and feel comfy in your home! 


  1. Tapestries are an inexpensive alternative to typical art. If you’ve been searching the web for new art to add around the home, but can’t find anything close to your price point then you should check out some tapestries. There are endless designs which are very cost effective in comparison. You can purchase beautiful, versatile artwork for pennies compared to the stuff you’d find at an art show. 


  1. Tapestries are non-permanent and multi purpose. Tapestries are the most versatile form of art. Many hang tapestries on the wall for an “artsy” effect, but the truth is tapestries can be used for many other things! Also, unlike some kinds of art like wallpaper, tapestries are non-permanent. You can hang, and re-hang your tapestries anywhere, anytime you’d like! 
  1. Tapestries look great and elevate the room's atmosphere. A well-designed tapestry can make an otherwise boring space into something grand. They exude color and detail and will brighten any workplace wall or space in the home. Many of the designs depict scenes, and whereas a simple painting would only cover a small section of the wall, a tapestry has the potential to cover the dimensions more completely. A tapestry can also convey different emotions and environments. These can have an impact on those around it, altering the energy in a space to one of peace and tranquility.


  1. Tapestries create the illusion of space. If you work in a cramped office space, or you are buying a tapestry for decoration in the home, you will find the end result will open up the room and make it feel larger. Tapestries do this by adding depth and dimension from their depicted design. They all so create this illusion of space by their overall width and commanding position on the wall. Open up your space with a new tapestry! 

I hope you enjoyed today's blog on the 5 reasons you need tapestries for your room! If you found it interesting, and would like to check out some awesome tapestries for your personal spaces, you can SHOP NOW!

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