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5 Things to Know About Wall Tapestries

5 Things to Know About Wall Tapestries

Are you looking for a loud and extravagant way to spice up your room this season? Well no need to keep looking, because we will be introducing you to our original wall tapestries and everything you need to know about them before you get them!

What Are Wall Tapestries?

Wall Tapestries are beautiful pieces of fabric that are designed to hang on your wall and bring any room together. These pieces of art can make a massive difference by simply adding more vibrance, colour, and life to any space. You can also hang them in many different ways and be as creative as you please.  The opportunities are limitless!

Different Places to Hang Them

We can guarantee you that any wall tapestry that you decide to pick out from our store, Original Tapestries, will be a definite piece of conversation starter. Hang it anywhere you like, from the bedroom, to the living room, and even the kitchen! We would personally recommend that you hang your beloved piece of tapestry behind your bed within the bedroom, display it above a couch or even in any small space where this large tapestry will make a loudest impression!

How Do I Hang My Original Tapestry?

Similar to the many different places that you can hang your tapestry, there are also a multitude of ways in which you can display your wall tapestry as well!  The most popular and easiest way to hang a tapestry is using thumb tacks and pushpins to simply get the job done. All you have to do is decide on the area in which you think your tapestry will look the best and then stick your pushpins in and…voila! Many even like to spread their tapestry across a canvas and hang it up for a more cleaner and put together look.  While others choose to frame their tapestry and have them keep their quality for a longer time.  At the end the opportunities are infinite and we encourage everyone to try out the different ways that work best for them!

Different Ways to Have Your Tapestry Look As Good As New!

When you order your tapestry for our website at the Original Tapestries, you will notice a few wrinkles in your purchase once it has arrived. We suggest you iron the wrinkles out or use a steamer to have your tapestry looking wrinkle free! Now if you notice that your tapestry looks a bit dirty and has a stain on, no need to worry. All you need to do is throw your wall tapestry in the washing machine on a cool setting using mild liquid detergent soap.  Afterwards, when putting it in the dryer, make sure to tumble on low heat and use wool dryer balls instead of dryer sheets! Now you tapestry will be looking as good as new!

How Versatile are the Original Tapestries?

Our Tapestries aren’t just wall hangings, they’re durable enough to use as tablecloths, picnic blankets and can even be used as a cool background for your gorgeous pictures! 

Check Out Some Of Our Favourite Tapestries!

Smoking Hand Tapestry

Our #1 Best Selling Tapestry is called the Smoking Hand Tapestry which features vivid colors and crisp lines, giving you an awesome centerpiece for any space. 

Forest Night Trees Tapestry Wall Hanging Tapis Cloth

Next we have the Original Forest Night Trees Tapestry which features the gorgeous night sky and will look amazing in any room that you choose to hang it! 

Playing With Planets Tapestry

The last tapestry that we believe is an absolute must have is the Playing With Planets Tapestry, which features a majestic hand twiddling with the planets gracefully! This tapestry would make a great conversation starter and complete any room that it is hung in! 
Head over to our website and place an order now! Click here to check out the entire collection! 
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