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Create an Oasis at Home With These 5 Tapestries!

Create an Oasis at Home With These 5 Tapestries!

Wall tapestries are such a classic way for you to decorate your home. The most common styles you see are mandala or galaxy print - but have you ever thought about creating an oasis in your home with tropical tapestry prints>

Original Tapestries sells an incredible variety of prints, ranging from nature prints to galaxy prints. Here are 5 tapestries that you can use to create a tropical, welcoming environment in your home:

  1. Beautiful Beach Tapestry

The crisp and clean lines of this tapestry will refresh any space. Make your vacationing dreams become a reality year round with this realistic and welcoming wall tapestry, and feel serene in your space.

  1. Island Seashore Tapestry

Some of the most calming and memorable moments are at sunset. Get this Island Seashore Tapestry to feel the warmth of this gorgeous sunset - this tapestry will instantly add warmth and comfort to your home.

  1. Sunset At Beach Tapestry

The tones of this beautiful sunset emulate a romantic walk along the beach. Get this tapestry to instantly recreate this feeling in the heart of your home. 

  1. Beachside Moon Tapestry

Go from day to night on the beach with this Beachside Moon Tapestry. Get this tapestry in combination with one of the 3 aforementioned tapestries to create a strong visual effect in your home - literally go from day to night all in one space. You will never have to leave the beach again.

  1. Pink Lava Lake Tapestry

The mystic and charming vibes of this tapestry truly emulates the feeling of an oasis. Get this tapestry for the most unique design out of the other 4 mentioned! This Pink Lava Lake will surely calm you, and its muted and pastel tones make for great decoration in any home.

Convinced? Want to see even more designs? Check it out here:

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